From embroidery and Origami to brewing beer and pottery, my mantra is "If you haven't tried it, how do you know you won't enjoy it".
Here is some of the stuff that I have done on the side.
a Poster a Day
When you are completely self-taught in Graphic Design you need to prove yourself - My 'A Poster A Day' project allows me to showcase my skills and test out some new stuff on the way.
Bear Beer
My roommate and I started brewing our own beer. Just for fun I decided to step it up a notch and create a brand around it, thus the Bear-Beer was born. Each type of beer has a different sub-brand and comes in a different bottle:
The Black Bear is a Stout
The Brown Bear is a Brown Ale
The Polar Bear is a Lager Beer
The Panda Bear is an Asian Pilsner Beer
The Grizzly Bear is an IPA
Branding - Copywriting
The back label isn't going to annoy them with boring company history and brewing secrets but serves as a humorous reminder to pay attention while drinking alcohol.
As luck would have it, soon after I finished my first batch of beer, I found out that I'm celiac.
So I had to create a naturally gluten free beer with no hidden surprise: 
The Bear Bear strips bare!
Magnetic bottle caps
Broke student looking for loose change? 
Lucky you bought a Bear Beer 

Storing snacks for hard times? 
Keep ‘em fresh with Bear Beer 

Boring games pooping your party? 
Bear Beer’s got you covered
To keep my creative mind on track on my free-time and to improve my drawing skills I started producing my own stickers. 
Can't say how it happened - but I am sad it doesn't happen more often. Who would have thought that a grey blob of clay can be so versatile!
(P.S. Reach out to me if you need a quirky key holder)
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